History of the Nizhny Novgorod Metro

The Moscow project institutes Metrogiprotrans and Giprokommundortrans by order of the USSR State Planning Committee developed a feasibility study of building in the Gorky city subway as the most fast, comfortable and convenient kind of transport.
Obtained permission for the design of the first stage of subway, and in October 1973 the designers at the Moscow Institute Metrogiprotrans start to development project of the first stage of subway in the Gorky city. The chief engineer of the project was V. Ryzhov his01
In February 1975 was started consideration the first sketches of the metro stations, designed by Gorky architects (the only exception was «Moskovskaya» - it was designed by architect from Moscow). In November the technical project of the first stage of subway was completed.
15 July 1977 the Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted a decree on construction of metro in the city of Gorky, 17 December 1977 began construction on the metro – the first pile has been hammered in the pit of the station "Leninskaya" and the memorial sign was installed. his03
Gorky Metro was established by the order of the Ministry of Railways on 30 July 1984.In september 1984 was established Gorky Metro Headquarters.The team started to form also in September 1984 under the leadership of B. Zavgorodniy. The first engine drivers was trained at Gorky Road Technical School. Training of operators, station duty officers and electricians was held at Leningrad, Moscow and Kharkov subways.Organizations that helped prepare the metro for the opening: «Gorky Trust Construction and Engineering Research» – execution of drilling, testing and hydrogeological work; «Gorkovgrazhdanproject» - coordination of all design work for the architectural design of metro stations; «Promstroyproekt», "Gorky Design Workshop» - architectural solutions for the design of stations; «Red Sormovo» plant - the creation of automatic climbing formwork for the construction of the arch of reinforced concrete.
In february of 1985 issued the order of Ministry of Railways on measures to ensure the start of the first stage of the Gorky metro. In september from Moscow to Gorky came the first of three trains. his04 19 November 1985 held a solemn meeting dedicated to the start of the first section of the Gorky metro – «Moskovskaya» - «Proletarskaya». Symbolic key to the start of the first stage took the head of the metro B. Zavgorodniy and gave it to engine drivers A. Mikhalev and V. Yakushev, which held its first passenger train. his05 20 November 1985 on the first section began the regular train traffic.
The construction of the first stage of the metro («Moskovskaya» – «Avtozavodskaya») with a length of 9.6km, took place from December 1977 to august 1987. 9 August 1987 was opened to regular traffic in the area «Proletarskaya» - «Komsomolskaya».
20 December 1989 commissioned the part of Avtozavodskaya line «Komsomolskaya» - «Park Kultury».
20 December 1993 commissioned the part of Sormovskaya line «Moskovskaya» - «Burnakovskaya».
9 November 2002 commissioned station «Burevestnik» at Sormovskaya line. his06
1 June 2007 by decree of the mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, founded the Municipal Enterprise «Nizhny Novgorod Metro».
By 2008 construction of the metro bridge moves on to the middle phase and goes straight to the final. Bridge support erected and sections are building one after another. By the summer of 2008 before the eyes of Nizhny Novgorod citizens and guests appeared in all its grandeur is almost complete metro bridge, which according to plans will be launched as a car bridge in 2009 and as the metro bridge - in 2011. The preparation for the construction of paths in the direction of the station «Gorkovskaya». The station will be erected as soon as the officials will settle all the formalities with the communication nodes in the area of ​​construction and traffic. Completion of construction and commissioning is scheduled for 2011. In September 2008 began assembling tunnel shield «Lovat», the bridge was raised at the last support, construction is moving to the final stage. his07
In summer 2009 was started the construction circulating tunnels for Sormovsko-Mescherskaya line. It is necessary to create the separated movement of trains from the Avtozavodskaya line.
Throughout 2010 continuing construction of the station «Gorkovskaya». The tunnels are being completed to ensure the movement of trains.
Throughout 2011 on the future station «Gorkovskaya» work did not stows and was carried out in accordance with the schedule with constant funding from the federal, provincial and municipal funds. In August it was reported that the architectural design of the future metro station has been developed and is being finalized minor comments. It becomes known that the basis of design «Gorkovskaya» is the concept of petrel birds. The developers claim that their inspired Maxim Gorky's «Song of the Stormy Petrel», of course, not as a revolutionary product, but as a symbol of faith in a brighter future.
4 November 2012 was held the solemn opening of the station «Gorkovskaya». his08
In may 2015 construction began on the station "Strelka", was conducted the development and profiling of the construction site, was created underground chamber for the tunnel complexes and in 22 december 2015 in the right main line tunnel with a length of 2074m began excavation to the cameras of congresses in front of the station "Moskovskaya" with tunnel shield Herrenknecht "Tatiana". The construction of the station should be completed in 2018. his09