The state program «Accessible Environment»

At the moment, in the Nizhny Novgorod Metro, which consists of 14 stations, there are two mobile crawler stair lift, which are located at the stations «Moskovskaya» and «Park Kultury». Procedure to assist passengers with disabilities provides for the operative delivery of the lift at any station. Our staff trained to help people with disabilities when using the subway.

The station «Gorkovskaya» is equipped with a lift for the smooth movement of people with disabilities to the platform.

Wheelchair users can turn to any worker at any station and they will be guaranteed to get assistance.

To reduce the waiting time of delivery of mobile crawler lift above people can advance by calling 249-95-50 or 245-58-07 for filing an application specifying the the route and an alleged time of the trip.

Also descent and all station platforms are equipped with tactile strips for the visually impaired passengers that allow them to feel the edge.
On descents stations contains information to call the staff to support the organization of people with disabilities.

Transparent doors Metro-type marked with warning signs «yellow circle», which are the designation door and prevent a collision with them.