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On issues:
1) failure of the card or device (the card is in the stop list, the card is not found in the allowed list, and other errors)
2) when debiting funds for unused trips
contact Citicard, LLC by phone 8 (831) 250-50-00 or on the website www.siticard.ru

    Dear site visitors!
    The administration of the MP “Nizhny Novgorod metro” draws your attention to the inadmissibility of abuse of the right of appeal of citizens.
    When forming an appeal, please take into account the requirements of Federal law No. 59-FZ of 02.05.2006 (as amended on 27.11.2017) “on the procedure for considering appeals from citizens of the Russian Federation”.
    Requests containing profanity, obscene or offensive language will be left unanswered.

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